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The Investor Profile helps to gather important information related to your investment objectives, risk tolerance, investment time horizon and financial status, and serves as the basis for determining the advisory portfolio that may be most suitable to your investment needs and goals. Please provide the following information:

Here are your results:

The following global asset allocation portfolio/s are typical for an investor with these objectives:

1. What is your time horizon for this investment?
2. Which of the following statements best describes your reaction if the value of your portfolio suddenly declined 15%?
3. Realizing that higher returns are usually accompanied by higher risk, what do you consider to be your target rate of return over the long-term?
4. Ten years from now, what do you expect your portfolio value to be?
5. What is your current income requirement from this portfolio?

NOTE: When you need to draw income from your investment for expenses. This is typically a requirement of retirees.

6. In which of the following investments do you feel comfortable investing most of your money?
7. What percentage of your portfolio would you be comfortable in investing in international equities?

International stocks and funds that invest at least two-thirds of their portfolios in equity securities of companies that are located outside of the United States.

  • Domestic Equity - Large Cap
  • Domestic Equity - Mid Cap
  • Domestic Equity - Small Cap
  • International Equity
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • Foreign Debt
  • High Yield Debt
  • Real Asset
  • Cash

Your next step is to locate a Financial Professional near you who can help you develop a personalized investment strategy designed to meet your goals. Any investor, of any account size, can benefit from the guidance of a Financial Professional.

The above illustration is designed to provide a general representation of each portfolio's securities holdings. This is a hypothetical example only and is not indicative of the specific allocation the portfolios will employ at any given time. Legend Advisory Corporation gives no guarantee as to results and cannot assure that objectives of the investment concept will be realized. Some investment decisions will result in profit, and others in losses. Investments in foreign securities involve risks relating to political and economic developments, foreign taxation, exchange rate fluctuations and differences in accounting standards. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.

The investment management process for the Bond Portfolio differs from the process used to manage the other five portfolios.

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