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Artificial Intelligence technology partnered with financial advice catered to individual needs


Applies to Dynamic Programs

Legend Advisory was an early adopter of mutual fund asset allocation services and utilizes a tool designed to harness the best of what technology has to offer – and pairs it with the partnership of financial advice, catered specifically to a client’s individual needs, tolerance for risk and long-term investment goals.

Legend Advisory's sophisticated tool AANN (Asset Allocation Neural Network) is a distinctive type of technology called a “neural network,” also known as a form of artificial intelligence. AANN analyzes global economic data, which the firm uses to make decisions about clients' investment portfolios.


AANN adapts and learns from past experience and attempts to predict the future performance of various asset classes by reviewing thousands of historical data inputs and identifying and interpreting patterns and causal relationships as they relate to the major domestic and foreign debt and equity markets. This input consists of market and economic data, including market indices, global interest rates, earnings, and a myriad of other relevant data selected by our Investment Management Team. As a result, AANN identifies the key variables and examines the impact that changing relationships among these variables may have on world financial markets. AANN's recommendations are then evaluated by the firm along with current world, economic and political and capital market situations and a recommendation is developed as to how client assets should be allocated. This recommendation is the basis upon which specific portfolio allocations are made.


There is no guarantee that the recommendations made by AANN will be accurate. AANN does not, in and of itself, make any investment decisions. Legend Advisory utilizes AANN as a tool in its investment management process.

Diversification or asset allocation do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.


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