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Legend Advisory, a registered investment adviser, has provided professional portfolio management since 1978.

Our Experience

In 1991, Legend Advisory was an early adopter of mutual fund asset allocation programs employing artificial intelligence technology in the ongoing management of investment portfolios.

Since that time, we have successfully leveraged our extensive research and experience to develop a selection of asset management programs that are based on our artificial intelligence-driven investment discipline coupled with fundamental analysis conducted by our investment team.

We provide an abiding commitment to deliver customized asset management solutions to individual investors and the investment community at large.

Management Team

Shashi Mehrotra, CFA
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Shashi Mehrotra is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer for Legend Advisory. Mr. Mehrotra is a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the field of investment management and is the chief designer of Legend Advisory’s Asset Allocation Neural Network (AANN). AANN is a sophisticated computer model that uses mathematical algorithms in attempt to forecast the relative strengths of different asset classes. Mr. Mehrotra spent over a decade on the research and testing and implementation of AANN’s state-of-the-art AI system. Mr. Mehrotra joined the firm in 1995.

Miralda Gingrich
Vice President, Operations

Miralda Gingrich is the Vice President of Operations. Ms. Gingrich has been a dedicated employee since 1989 and is responsible for many of the back office functions as well as the strategic planning of the firm. Her key role in operations management continues to be a critical part of the company's growth. Ms. Gingrich's leadership is responsible for many of the exciting new services and technologies.

Lee Kroening
Senior Vice President, Strategic Relations

Lee Kroening is the Senior Vice President, Strategic Relations of The Legend Group, Buffalo. Mr. Kroening is responsible for developing and maintaining many of the group plan relationships throughout the country. He works to enhance the advisor experience through proactive programs designed to help advisors build great businesses and achieve their growth goals. His knowledge of the independent business model allows him to work as a frontline advocate for the field’s needs. Mr. Kroening has been with the firm since 1988 and has held several positions during the course of his career. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Certified Retirement Counselor®.

Todd D. Stout
Vice President, Regional

Todd joined the firm on February 1, 2003 as an industry veteran with more than 18 years of experience in the financial services industry. His primary responsibilities are the growth of the firm by his oversight of the firm’s Recruiting Department and the expansive national Lobbying efforts for industry concerns. Beyond those responsibilities, Todd is working to develop new financial advisors, new employer groups and new corporate partnerships for the distribution of the firm's products and services. Todd graduated from Bowling Green State University in December of 1984 with an area of concentration in Selling and Sales Management. He currently resides in the midwest.


Our team of financial analysts keep up-to-date with the latest economic trends by analyzing key performance indicators, financial forecasting and monitoring of market news.

Legend Advisory's analysts collect current industry data while comparing historical market data to gain insights on future market performance. Economic and political policies are reviewed to determine their impact on investment strategies.

Business Development Team

Legend's Business Development Team has a combined total of over 50 years of experience in the financial services industry. They are committed to providing the firm's advisors with the highest levels of support, including the latest product and industry information, innovative sales ideas, educational materials and direct access support.

There is no guarantee that the recommendations made by AANN in the future will be accurate. AANN is a computer-based modeling tool which utilizes artificial intelligence to formulate its results. Output from AANN’s results are then used by Legend Advisory, along with fundamental analysis, to make investment decisions in managing the model portfolios. AANN does not, in and of itself make any investment decisions.

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