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Investing shouldn't be hard work. Legend Advisory offers professionally managed portfolios to investors whether you have five thousand or five million dollars to invest. We have provided asset management services to investors for over 35 years.

For investors who lack the time required to select, maintain, and regularly monitor an appropriate combination of investments, Legend Advisory can help. Why try to invest alone when you could have a team of experienced professionals monitoring your investments?


Investing With Intelligence questionnaire


What are you saving for?

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What's your risk tolerance?

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A low risk allocation has less potential for investment loss along with lower capability for growth. A high risk allocation has more potential for growth, but with a higher potential for loss.

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What do I do now?

Now that you have seen a hypothetical allocation, your next step is to locate a Financial Professional near you who can help you develop a personalized investment strategy designed to meet your goals. Any investor, of any account size, can benefit from the guidance of a Financial Professional.


Planning your financial future today


Get Ahead of Inflation.

Use an inflation strategy to help meet your goals.


Use an investment strategy to help you plan for the rising cost of education.


Use a strategy to help grow your wealth while still having access to assets.


Create an investment strategy that will help meet your long term retirement goals.

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The following is a hypothetical allocation for an investor with these objectives.

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The above illustration is designed to provide a general representation of a managed portfolio. This is a hypothetical example only and is not indicative of any specific allocation a portfolio will employ at a given time.

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